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About Us

Keystone Properties & Consultant Limited (KPCL) is a London based Architectural Service Company founded and operated by a group of experienced architects and engineers. In 2007, we started our company’s journey with the ambition of assisting the clients with the versatile architectural skills, planning experiences, and technologies that we possess and so far, we have accomplished multitudinous small/ large, residential/ commercial projects with good testimonials from clients and positive feedback from the council.

KPCL staff makes every effort to satisfy our clients with the excellence of work, receptiveness, and authentic concern for achievement. We are dedicated to our clients’ project accomplishment right from the initiation throughout the project completion stage.

Our Vision

Providing the best architectural service with competitive pricing is a tough task. Still, we aimed at delivering quality result for our clients in exchange of money that will not break the bank and for years we managed to do so. More than 10 years ago, when started the company, we had a vision of “Providing the most eminent service to our clients through our professionalism”, and our thousands happy clients are the proof that we are accelerating in the right direction.

Our Team

Although our team consists of lots of professionals with different skills who are giving their best, the core of the company is composed by some excellent white-collars, whose relentless efforts kept the company running well till today.

The team who makes your dream project come true are as follows:

Kam (CEO, Senior Planning Consultant).

Jubayr (Project Manager).

Maqsood (Senior Chartered Structural Engineer).

Mahbub (Structural Engineer).

Alina (Planning Consultant)

Sara (Marketing Manager)

May (Admin Manager)

Robin (Assistant Project Engineer)

Russell (Assistant Project Manager)

Safran (Site Surveyor)

Hasan (Site Surveyor).

It is their selflessness efforts and tremendous experience that let you get the best architectural design, drawings, and services from us.