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December 16 2019

Loft conversion in London

Loft conversion in London: The process of converting an empty attic space or loft into a functional room, typically used […]

November 22 2019

Loft Conversion Design Ideas

If you’re looking for some loft conversion tips and ideas. To make an organized, neatly designed extra space. It’s crucial […]

August 23 2019

What is an architectural project?

# Architectural Project: The architectural project that gives information about the plans. Planning drawing, exterior appearance, the proportion of the […]

August 22 2019

What is Architectural Design?

Architectural design focus on a certain law or understanding of beauty and functionality, the design of buildings, rooms, furnishings, sometimes […]

Not sure which solution fits you needs?

Many people nowadays are looking to have a bigger house. It may be for a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom, or an extended living room. People are looking to do a loft conversion, garage conversion, house extension, and other ways to add more space to their house.  But to do so, the first thing they need is approval from their local council.

For many house development works, like loft conversion, garage conversion, or a house extension to a certain extent, people do not need permission, as the government already grants it. But to make sure of what is granted and what is not, or how to proceed with the planning application, a house owner needs to take advice form planning consultants.

We, KPCL Architecture, are a group of planning consultants, architectural designers, and chartered structural engineers who work on the plan to make the dream of your extended home into a reality. We are an architectural firm based in East London that was established in 2007. We aim to provide you the best architectural service with competitive pricing. With the team’s collective and maximum effort, we provide the best service and delivery on time.

For projects like loft conversions or house extensions, at first, we make short research of the property. We find out if there was any previous development done in the property that has the council’s approval or any intended development that the council refused. If the property is a listed building or in a conservation area, we take different steps. After the short research is made, we will arrange a site visit upon your agreed date.

Once we have done the site visit, our designers will start with the drawings. We will submit an initial draft of the drawings within 7-10 days of the site visit. Once you agree to go ahead with the drawings, we will proceed with the planning application phase. If any amendments needed, we will do it according to your instruction within 3-5 days.

Once we have submitted your application to the council, the council will ask for a council fee and validate your application. After validation, it usually takes eight weeks for the council to come up with a decision.

After receiving the approval, we can work on project management for construction. On that stage, we will obtain a quote for the construction works from our trusted builders. We can also arrange a meeting with you and the builder and help you choose a builder who can work according to your demand. We will prepare a contract and the schedule of the works. We will manage the project as per the contract. Our work will be done when you receive the building regulations completion certificate.

KPCL Architecture does all the works that are required for your building development. From the planning stage to the construction project management, we work for your building with care.