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Loft conversion is a common building practice around the world by altering the empty space of the roof and turning it into houseroom or into a functional space. Everyone admires a little space in their house and converting a roof from an empty space with pile of dust and cobweb into a guest room, children playroom or even to an office not only gives you the opportunity to properly utilize the space but also cost effective since it’s lot cheaper than making extension. Certain factors might be needed to bring under consideration prior to such alteration of your roof, but, with few skills and knowledge you are able to do it by yourself without spending lot of money.

The first thing for loft conversion is understanding the structure of the existing house. Not every roof is convertible to a loft, but luckily, most of them are. So, you have to assess whether your roof can bear the weight of the loft. A structural survey by exposing the foundation can answer that question. Then the question arises, what kind of loft you want or what’s the purpose of the loft is going to be because a lot of the design work has to be based on that. If you are not sure about that, have look around and see the design of your neighbor’s loft.