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Steps To Follow For Planning Application 2019- (A to Z Infographic)

March 30 2019
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Planning application is one of the significant steps towards the process of developing new building, extension or conversion works, replacing any form of the existing building or installation works. So, you have to keep in mind that, if the planning application is not approved, you are unable to proceed the further works. To get fruitful result from planning application, you have to follow some instruction which are known as processes of planning application.

Let’s look at those steps and try to perform those accordingly.

Planning Application A to Z Process Infographic uk

Processes of Planning Application

In the UK, there are lots of companies who are considered as experts for planning application procedures. You can look on their services and select the best one from here.

A group of experts have advised to follow the following steps to get better result from the planning application:

  1. Pre-application advice: before making any decision about the planning application, you might look for the advice and consultation about how to avail the best planning application, who are the best service providers and which factors help to get approval of the application.


  1. Application and Validation: on this steps, all the documents and fees are checked before submitting the application. One can avail the guidance from the website of council. Moreover, if any document is missing, you will be ask to submit the document before the processing.


  1. Consultation and Publicity: consultation letters are sent to the experts to get their certifications, also letters are sent to the neighbours and bodies where applicable to get clearance. In additions, advertisements are placed on local paper and sites when needed.


  1. Site Visit and Assessment: the site is visited for inspection and assessed with the application in order to comply with planning policies, public representation and consultation response.


  1. Recommendation: regarding officers provide recommendations on the application by officers’ report to the respective person to process the application.


  1. Decision: senior persons with the delegated power who are considered the Planning Committee provide decision which shows that this team can make decisions without visiting the relevant committee to boost up the process.

Final words

Planning application processes are easy to be carried out if it is performed by the expert team. So, you should look for the experienced experts to get the fruitful result.

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